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"Eroticism is close to life, closer than philosophy or anything like that, it is an animal thing that has many facets and is pleasing to use, as you would use a tube of paint." Marcel Duchamp

My art is an enquiry on sensuality, sexuality, lust and desire primarily inside the LGBTQ community. I would like to explore every nuance of homoerotic attraction, from tender love to kinkier sexual expressions and situations. I have always been mesmerized by the complexity of this world with its rules and powerful fetishized imagery: the daddy cigar, leather queen’s chaps, muscle jocks pecs, drag queen’s makeup, master/slave whips, twink’s youth ... It is a world inhabited by fascinating beasts: 'bears', 'foxes', 'otters', puppies 'chickens'; We inhabit a space where everyone in theory should be welcomed along with their fantasies and fetishes.


I would like my art to contribute in freeing people sexually from taboos imposed by society and imposed by ourselves. Sexuality, as an expression of our most intimate nature, should be a celebration of life and not something to be ashamed of or censor ourselves over.


As a gay artist, I refused to be confined into roles and rigid definition of gender or accept stereotypical concepts of what constitutes beauty. All bodies are marvellous works of art and deserve respect, admiration, love and to feel desired, no matter the form, size, appearance, age or skin colour. We all should have the right to live and express our desires and sexual fantasies in whatever way we wish yet respecting the wishes and limits of those with whom we consensually practice it, without being judged.


My art is inspired by photographs and the sexual exploits and fantasies of actual real everyday men (some models and some not) from all walks of life and gender identification.

Some of the images were kindly donated by models and photographers who accepted to collaborate on this project. I thank them for their imagery and sharing their intimate stories. Other imagery was taken by me of guys posing for me in my London studio where the only rule is to not inhibit yourself and to speak freely of your own sexual fantasies, desires and actual experiences without fear of judgement. As a result, my ink work and writings are artistic reflections, based on real situations, fantasies and conversations I was lucky enough to have with some of the guys.


I also explore my own sexuality through my work by putting myself on the line in the form of self-portraits and sharing my own erotic stories, desires and fantasies. It’s a captivating process of discovery that has helped me free myself from fear of judgement by empowering myself sexually and by exploring, experimenting, creating and trying new ways to express it without shame. I hope this collection of drawings, photographs and stories inspire the same in you. That is the scope of this book.

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