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Self Portrait

Nomes Est Omen

(The Name is a Sign)

I decided to sign my art with the pseudonym Petr Onius as a homage to Petronius, one of the most acclaimed writers in ancient Rome. He was the author of the Satyricon, a novel filled with bizarre erotic and decadent passages about the uncensored exploits of a gladiator, his former male lover and a twink slave. These exploits included mentions of leather dildos, deflowered female virgins, hot twinks, daddies, three-ways, partner swapping, cheating, voyeurism, flogging, cannibalism, penis worship and the good old orgies!


My signature logo, P (for Petronious), is a graphic form inspired by the beautiful tradition of Gago-in, which are the seals used by Japanese artists to sign their erotic prints. My Gago-in depicts a man proudly and unashamedly mesmerized by the sight of his penis becoming erect. Not having to feel guilt nor shame regarding when and where he wishes to use his penis and how, is the bases of my art.

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